SuperWeekend Diary: Day 2

My friends used to think that my involvement in politics was cool. I think it's safe to say that is now no longer the case. Maybe it's the third day in sweatpants (which by the way, I've always thought looked more "athletic" than "pathetic"). Maybe it's the lack of eating/bathing/being physically coordinated. All I know is they've all taken to asking, "So....how did today go?" with the head tilt. Yup, the head tilt.

Denise's Day 2 Stats recap (ticker soon to be available):

Hours awake so far: 20
Emails received: 379
Times I was so happy I almost cried: 1, but it lasted a good 10 min of near-weep, so let's call it 2
Times I was so stressed I almost threw up: 0!
Number of pizza slices I ate: 0!
Number of people in campaign office who dissed my music selection: 2

So generally, regardless of what my friends think, I feel I'm making SuperWeekend progress. Because of that, I've decided to reward myself with a movie. And not just any movie, I'm currently watching "The Peacemaker" starring Nicole Kidman and George Clooney. As someone who saw it three times in the movie theatre, I'm constantly shocked by people's lack of familiarity with it. Russian spies stealing nuclear weapon to deliver to Chechens rebels, straight-laced White House staffer Nicole Kidman growing attracted to bad-boy Colonel George Clooney, and a sweet car scene that sees a Mercedes outmaneuvering three BMWs. You be the judge of what's least realistic.

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