SuperWeekend Diary: Day 1

There's nothing quite like hopping back and forth between the political life and the student one, I've just got to say. One minute you're phone-banking or scrutineering in high-intensity, direct competition and then the next you're helping carry the inebriated to their bed and participating in conversations that start, "So I think it's pretty clear she's got to go with McDreamy, no? I mean, seriously, look at what his wife did to him? He deserves Meredith."

All that aside, a general recap of Day 1:

Hours awake so far: 17
Emails received: 431
Times I was so happy I almost cried: 2
Times I was so stressed I almost threw up: 3
Number of pizza slices I ate: 3
Number of people in campaign office who dissed my music selection: 1

And now I suppose I should try to get some sleep. And by "sleep," I clearly mean lie awake waiting for a time that is socially acceptable to arise and start work for Day 2. I'm going with 7 am.

- Denise


A BCer in Toronto said...

But Fin is that guy that brings your roomate lunch when she's sick!

Denise B said...

Ahhh, oui, c'est vrai, an excellent counter. My problem is that I always go back to George. I just can't see why all the Mer prime-time he got was that terrible...incident...with the, uh, crying.

He seems insecure, but if 10 to 1 he's actually the most secure guy in the whole damn hospital when you strip away all the facades. Too bad about the whole syph thing...