Big Leadership News in the small town of Rosalind, AB

It's no Lethbridge, but Rosalind got some big ups yesterday when LPCA President Adam Campbell endorsed Stéphane Dion for Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, joining Liberal Party of Canada (British Columbia) President Jamie Elmhirst and Saskatchewan Liberal Party Leader David Karwacki, who also both recently endorsed Dion.

Fun factoid about Rosalind: they have bentonite exploration there. As many of you may know, bentonite is the stuff they put in commercial milkshakes to make them thick. If you've ever been curious as to why a McDo' milkshake can be poured onto the pavement in the hot sun for several hours and doesn't quite seem to melt, bentonite is your answer. Mmmmm...chemicals!

Other prominent Alberta Liberals also supporting Stéphane Dion include Calgary Mountain View MLA Dr. David Swann, eight current riding association presidents, me, my mom, and my dad. I can't believe we didn't put my parents on the part of the release listing "prominent" supporters...

- Denise

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