A Party's party parting

The last summer student has officially gone back to school.

And although my heart is upset, my liver is relieved.

Looking back upon the summer, I have to say I’ve learned a lot from what I’ve done, from what I’ve seen, and from those with whom I did and saw those things.

I have learned that although St. John New Brunswick may be a beautiful city, one should not get a chance to find this out if driving from Halifax to Quebec City efficiently.

I have learned that Saskatchewan canola fields are a big deal if you haven’t grown up with them.

I have learned that North Bay and Montreal pubs share a common commitment to excellence in patron-oriented partying and laissez-faire dance floor policies that the rest of this country, sadly, lacks.

And I have learned that working for something you believe in, even if as seemingly inconsequential as a summer student program, is consequential. To spend a summer in Ottawa, with its unique opportunities, activities, and atmosphere, is an amazing experience. Moreover, to spend a summer growing and learning with an outstanding collection of earnest and dedicated Liberals will leave you with memories not to be forgotten.

To Elyse, Jay, Justin, Carlene, Dylan, Kelly, Meghan, Mary-Rose, Oz, Ian, and Colin, thank you.

And more importantly, to your fantastic bosses:

The Hon. Paul Martin, Hon. Dominic LeBlanc, Jamie Carroll, Andrew Telegdi, Hon. Mauril Bélanger, LRB, Senator Eggleton, Hon. Ken Dryden, Senator Hervieux-Payette, and Senator Jim Cowan,




Quebec Elections on Monday, volunteer today!

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