SuperWeekend Diary: Day 2

My friends used to think that my involvement in politics was cool. I think it's safe to say that is now no longer the case. Maybe it's the third day in sweatpants (which by the way, I've always thought looked more "athletic" than "pathetic"). Maybe it's the lack of eating/bathing/being physically coordinated. All I know is they've all taken to asking, "So....how did today go?" with the head tilt. Yup, the head tilt.

Denise's Day 2 Stats recap (ticker soon to be available):

Hours awake so far: 20
Emails received: 379
Times I was so happy I almost cried: 1, but it lasted a good 10 min of near-weep, so let's call it 2
Times I was so stressed I almost threw up: 0!
Number of pizza slices I ate: 0!
Number of people in campaign office who dissed my music selection: 2

So generally, regardless of what my friends think, I feel I'm making SuperWeekend progress. Because of that, I've decided to reward myself with a movie. And not just any movie, I'm currently watching "The Peacemaker" starring Nicole Kidman and George Clooney. As someone who saw it three times in the movie theatre, I'm constantly shocked by people's lack of familiarity with it. Russian spies stealing nuclear weapon to deliver to Chechens rebels, straight-laced White House staffer Nicole Kidman growing attracted to bad-boy Colonel George Clooney, and a sweet car scene that sees a Mercedes outmaneuvering three BMWs. You be the judge of what's least realistic.


SuperWeekend Diary: Day 1

There's nothing quite like hopping back and forth between the political life and the student one, I've just got to say. One minute you're phone-banking or scrutineering in high-intensity, direct competition and then the next you're helping carry the inebriated to their bed and participating in conversations that start, "So I think it's pretty clear she's got to go with McDreamy, no? I mean, seriously, look at what his wife did to him? He deserves Meredith."

All that aside, a general recap of Day 1:

Hours awake so far: 17
Emails received: 431
Times I was so happy I almost cried: 2
Times I was so stressed I almost threw up: 3
Number of pizza slices I ate: 3
Number of people in campaign office who dissed my music selection: 1

And now I suppose I should try to get some sleep. And by "sleep," I clearly mean lie awake waiting for a time that is socially acceptable to arise and start work for Day 2. I'm going with 7 am.

- Denise

It's a Bird, It's a Plane. No, it's SUPER WEEKEND!

Is it strange and a little sad that I'm way more excited about Super Weekend than I was for my 19th birthday? Probably, but when I went to bed last night, I was like a five year old on Christmas Eve. When I think back to when I came on board this campaign, five months ago, I don't think I could have imagined this situation. Stéphane himself said it best - we started out as a small network, but now we are a nationwide movement.

So, I woke up at 4:45 today, in order to catch my flight back to Calgary. I love BC, but I can do so much more work here. If the flight back was any indication, Equipe Dion is in for a good weekend. I got the emergency exit row (the one with lots of legroom - I'm a tall guy) and headed home to the land of White Stetsons and Cowboy Boots. People don't really think of Alberta as a bastion of Liberalism, but the Liberals we have are dedicated and sharp.

So there are butterflies - there always are before a big day. But it's different from the last federal election. This time, my team has played a good game. We've worked hard, and it's about to pay off. When I joined, Stéphane was the token candidate from Quebec. The obligatory also ran that people tolerated. But look at us now. Youth, across this country, have been working hard during this campaign, and it's about to pay off. So, I feel that I have the right to be a little (crazily) excited. This weekend is going to be good. Just watch us.

-Matthew Naylor, Alberta Logistics Chair

Super Weekend =)

Cette actuelle course a la chefferie est un bienfait benifique pour le Parti liberal du canada. Et il est finalement temps que ses membres participent activement a ce processus.

J' ai choisi de travailler avec M. Dion ansin que son equipe parce qu' il a une claire vision pour l' avenir de de tous les canadiens et canadiennes. Il nous faut un chef d' experience, rassembleur, passionne et surtout qui est capable de faire face a ce Gouvernement minoritaire de M. Harper.

C' est ma premiere course et elle est tres excitante a certains points. Pour un jeune qui evolue dans un parti politique, c' est la meilleure ecole qui puisse exister!

Bon Super Week end tout le monde!!!
- Melissa (Co-Presidente Jeune National)


Oh, internet, how you can warm my heart

Anybody who reads my fuddle-duddling will know that I'm all about

this following post. It rocks my socks and hopefully, when I'm on day two with no sleep this "Super" weekend it will keep me phone-banking until my fingers are bruised. Luckily, my thumbs have been in intensive black-berry training for two years now and I can rely on them when the rest of my digits can no longer punch in any more keypad digits. Hahaha, biology pun. Zing!


Sept. 26/06 Stephane Dion

Last Changed on: 27 September 2006 (Original post date: 27 September 2006) posted by Steve Paikin

I had never met Stephane Dion before tonight's interview, and I must confess, I wondered why so many pundits were giving this guy such laudatory notices. I had only ever seen him on television, and then again, in short sound bites. Now, having met him, I can see what much of the fuss is about. I always knew he was solid on policy. I wondered about whether his English was strong enough to attract voters in English Canada. I also wondered whether a former Quebec intellectual and academic had the requisite people skills for the job.

If the reaction in our studio today was any indication, the answer is, yes he does have it. Dion entered our studio today and did something almost no politician ever does: he shook hands with all the members of our studio crew. I have interviewed hundreds of politicians in that studio over the past 12 years, and I can count on one hand the number of them that
bothered to introduce themselves to the cameramen and/or other technicians. So right away, the crew was positively disposed to him.

You can judge the interview for yourself, but what impressed me was how quick he was on his feet (or, I guess more accurately, on his seat). His English did seem more than satisfactory to the task. He was charming and amusing in ways I had never seen him before. He also demonstrated an enthusiasm and passion for the job, and all of it on five hours sleep a night.

Dion not only submitted to an interview off the top of the program, but also joined four other analysts in a discussion about where the Liberal Party of Canada is today. I know plenty of politicians who might have begged off tangling with their critics on television on the eve of the most important delegate selection vote of their political careers. But he didn't. I suspect hs overall performance only enhanced his stature with our viewers tonight.


A campaign haiku...

Delegate choosing

Weekend approaching quickly

Need more coffee, please.


Kyoto's Story

It seems like today all politcal blogs are centered around either reguritating empty policy or blasting opposing candidates with senseless negativity. Some blogs, however, defy this norm. Some blogs, like James Bowie's (whose blog originally posted this story) and Echo CanaDION, refuse to turn politics into a game of slander and try to keep a lighthearted attitude. In the spirit of this, we bring you an update from Stéphane Dion himself about his dog Kyoto.

After the electoral defeat, we (my wife, my daughter and I) were extremely disappointed by the loss, and to boost our spirits, decided to make one of our dreams come true: to get a dog.

Concerned about what the new government would do about climate change, we decided to choose a dog from the North, a Siberian Husky, and to call him Kyoto. He was born on January 15th, 2006.

At the time we thought that since I was no longer a minister, I would be spending more time in my home riding and would be able to help take care of the dog. But I have since decided to enter the leadership race and it is now Kyoto who is taking care of me, more than the opposite!

-Stéphane Dion


Memoirs of a Campaign Intern

Amidst the political chaos of a Liberal leadership race, its easy to forget that there are, in fact, a great deal of people behind every candidate. The most glamorous of all positions is, obviously, the unpaid campaign intern/university student, and I thought that perhaps the voting public would appreciate a glance into what exactly an average day is like for us here on the Dion campaign.

So I usually wake up around 4am, hit the gym. Stéphane expects his interns to be in peak physical condition so at any time we can retrieve coffee for the office in awe-inspiring speed. Tricep strength is key for sure. Around 7 I'll head over to the campus for a class or two; unfortunately the whole university student deal implies occasional school work. Usually its hard to get a seat on account of the paparazzi. They see a Dion intern coming kilometers off, and I'm often confronted with a barrage of questions like “is it true you're simultaneously dating both Jessica Alba and Heidi Klum?” Don't worry ladies, I'm not. I mean, I was, but it just wasn't working out and I had to break it off. I was just too recognized when we went out.

For lunch I'll usually have some sort of high profile meeting with various political figureheads, I certainly never, ever eat lunch in a cafeteria with a textbook propped over my lunch. Never. I'll probably another class or two in the afternoon, if I'm in the mood. My evenings usually consist in me pouring over political textbooks, writing pages and pages of groundbreaking Liberal policy, and generally working myself cross-eyed. It's pretty sweet.

Hopefully I've shed some light upon the life of an intern: in all seriousness it's really a lot of fun and really great experience. - T.B.


Nice work, BC/ Bon travail C-B!

LIBERAL PARTY candidates in British Columbia support Stéphane Dion for Leader

-Number of Past and Current Candidates declared for Stéphane Dion is now 10; Most of Any Leadership Candidates

Vancouver, BC (September 15, 2006) – The number of past and current Liberal Party of Canada candidates who have publicly declared their support for Stéphane Dion in British Columbia now totals 10, the highest for any leadership candidate in the race to become Party Leader. Past and current candidates are automatic delegates to the upcoming Leadership Convention, and are a leading indicator of support within the general membership for particular leadership contestants.

Support for Stéphane Dion from past and current candidates comes from all regions of the province. From Prince George Peace River, to Victoria, to Kootenay Columbia, and the Lower Mainland, past and current candidates are declaring that Stéphane Dion is the best choice to become the next Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

“No other candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Party shows as much promise as Stéphane Dion”, said David Mulroney, Past Candidate from Victoria. Keith Henry, who ran for the Liberal Party in the 2006 Election in the riding of Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows – Mission echoes Mulroney’s sentiments. “His commitment to British Columbia, and our entire nation, is why I’m supporting Stéphane”, said Henry.

Joyce Murray, Co-chair for the Stéphane Dion campaign in B.C. and past candidate in New Westminster-Coquitlam notes that “support for Stéphane extends not only geographically, but demographically as well. He has support from male and female candidates, from the youngest candidates in the province, and from former municipal and provincial politicians who ran under the Liberal Party banner in British Columbia.”

Bill Cunningham, who ran for the Liberal Party in Burnaby Douglas in both the 2004 and 2006 elections, says Dion’s record of service in cabinet and in the Liberal Party, his contribution to national unity, and his Three-Pillar approach to policy continue to draw in new supporters. “Team Dion continues to grow in British Columbia, and having nearly 1/3 of past and current candidates in B.C. publicly declaring their support for Stéphane is extremely encouraging for the campaign”, Cunningham said.

– 30 –

Current British Columbia Past and Current Candidates Endorsing Stéphane Dion:

1) Nathan Bauder – Prince George Peace River
2) Jhim Burwell – Kootenay Columbia
3) Bill Cunningham – Burnaby Douglas
4) Keith Henry – Pitt Meadows Maple Ridge Mission
5) David Mulroney – Victoria
6) Joyce Murray – New Westminster Coquitlam
7) David Perry – Okanagan Coquihalla
8) Gordon Stamp-Vincent – Skeena Bulkley Valley
9) Simon Yu – Prince George Peace River
10) Wendy Yuan – Vancouver Kingsway


- Dix anciens candidats et candidats actuels appuient présentement Stéphane Dion : Le total le plus élevé parmi tous les candidats à l’investiture

Vancouver, Colombie-Britannique (le 15 septembre 2006) – Le nombre d’anciens candidats et de candidats actuels du Parti libéral du Canada en Colombie-Britannique qui ont déclaré publiquement leur appui pour Stéphane Dion s’élève présentement à 10, soit le total le plus élevé parmi tous les candidats à l’investiture. Les anciens candidats et les candidats actuels ont une position assurée à titre de délégué au Congrès d’investiture. De plus, ils représentent très souvent l’opinion des membres du parti concernant l’appui d’un candidat particulier.

L’appui que reçoit Stéphane Dion d’anciens candidats et de candidats actuels provient de tous les coins de la province. Qu’ils viennent de Prince George Peace River, Victoria, Kootenay Columbia ou de la vallée du bas Fraser, les anciens candidats et candidats actuels déclarent que Stéphane Dion représente le meilleur choix comme prochain chef du Parti libéral du Canada.

« Aucun autre candidat à l’investiture n’est aussi prometteur que Stéphane Dion », affirme David Mulroney, ancien candidat dans Victoria. Keith Henry, qui s’est porté candidat pour le Parti libéral aux élections de 2006 dans la circonscription de Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows – Mission est du même avis que M. Mulroney. « J’appuie Stéphane en raison de son dévouement à la Colombie-Britannique et à notre pays », a-t-il dit.

Joyce Murray, coprésidente de la campagne de Stéphane Dion en Colombie-Britannique et ancienne candidate dans New Westminster-Coquitlam ajoute que « l’appui pour Stéphane va au-delà de la géographie et de la démographie. Il est appuyé par les candidats et candidates de la province, par les jeunes candidats ainsi que par les anciens politiciens municipaux et provinciaux libéraux qui se sont portés candidats en Colombie-Britannique ».

Bill Cunningham, qui s’est porté candidat pour le Parti libéral dans Burnaby Douglas aux élections de 2004 et 2006 affirme que Stéphane continue d’attirer de nouveaux partisans en raison de ses antécédents au Cabinet et au Parti libéral, de sa contribution à l’unité nationale et de son approche à trois piliers. « L’équipe Dion connaît une croissance importante en Colombie-Britannique et l’appui public pour Stéphane de près d’un tiers des anciens candidats et candidats courants en Colombie-Britannique est très encourageant pour la campagne », a-t-il conclu.

– 30 –

Anciens candidats et candidats actuels qui appuient présentement Stéphane Dion :

1) Nathan Bauder – Prince George Peace River
2) Jhim Burwell – Kootenay Columbia
3) Bill Cunningham – Burnaby Douglas
4) Keith Henry – Pitt Meadows Maple Ridge Mission
5) David Mulroney – Victoria
6) Joyce Murray – New Westminster Coquitlam
7) David Perry – Okanagan Coquihalla
8) Gordon Stamp-Vincent – Skeena Bulkley Valley
9) Simon Yu – Prince George Peace River
10) Wendy Yuan – Vancouver Kingsway


Big News in NB

The Dion campaign in New Brunswick received a huge boost today, as MP Charles Hubbard (L - Miramichi), officially announced his support of Stéphane for the Liberal leadership. Charles is a strong advocate in the Liberal caucus for regional development and support for our rural communities, which is, of course, a big issue here in NB; his support, along with that of former Minister Claudette Bradshaw and Senator John Bryden demonstrates the strength of Stéphane's appeal within the province. The text of the press release:

MP Charles Hubbard announces support for Stéphane Dion for Liberal Leadership

Charles Hubbard, Miramichi Member of Parliament officially announced today his support for Stéphane Dion to become the next leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He encourages all the delegates to carefully assess the experience, contributions, and successes that each of the candidates bring to the convention in November.

Stéphane has made a significant contribution to our Liberal party and to Canadians. A strong federalist, he joined the Liberal government at a very difficult time for all Quebecers and proceeded to work with all provincial governments to successfully develop the Clarity Act. Experienced in government and strongly committed to the environment, his experiences and publications on sustainability, social justice and the economy portray a strong commitment to work for the success of our nation.

“As an Atlantic Canadian with strong rural roots, I am extremely comfortable with endorsing Stéphane. He has lived and worked in our region and believes that the presence of our government must be reflected in all regions of the country and that federal government jobs must be open to all Canadians”, stated Hubbard. “In the weeks ahead I will assist the ‘Stéphane Dion for Leader’ campaign across Atlantic and rural Canada”.


Charles Hubbard, député de Miramichi. a annoncé aujourd’hui qu’il appuierait Stéphane Dion comme prochain chef du Parti libéral du Canada. Il demande aux délégués d’examiner soigneusement l’expérience, l’apport et les réalisations de chacun des candidats au congrès de novembre prochain.

Stéphane a beaucoup contribué à l’essor du parti libéral et aux Canadiens en général. Fier fédéraliste, il s’est joint au gouvernement libéral à un moment difficile pour les Québécois; néanmoins, il a su travailler avec les gouvernements provinciaux pour rédiger la Loi sur la clarté. Il possède une solide expérience au sein du gouvernement et a démontré son engagement envers l’environnement. Ses compétences et ses écrits sur la durabilité, la justice sociale et l’économie témoignent de sa grande volonté de travailler à la réussite du Canada.

« En tant que Canadien de l’Atlantique, région dont les racines rurales sont profondes, j’ai entièrement confiance en Stéphane. Il a vécu et travaillé dans notre région. Il croit que notre gouvernement doit être représenté dans tous les coins du pays et que les emplois au sein de la fonction publique fédéral doivent être offerts à tous les Canadiens, a déclaré monsieur Hubbard. Au cours des prochaines semaines, j’appuierai la campagne de Stéphane Dion comme chef dans les provinces de l’Atlantique et dans les régions rurales du Canada. »

- Joel


an SD endorsement of sorts -- tales from a former self-confessed leadership shopper

"you'll make up your mind when it is painfully clear to you where you should go. not before. that's just you"

simply stated, it took me one hell of a long time to finally get involved on this campaign. and that comment from a friend of mine pretty much summed it up. i've often been told that i am too idealistic for my own good. and, perhaps in this game, i am. but frankly, i don't really care.

i chose stephane dion because i get excited to hear him speak. i like his policies. i like his unwavering support for what he believes in. i love his commitment, dedication, and service to this country. he's the cutest man in the world, and, he reminds me of my dad... my favorite among many other reasons of course....(not to mention that i believe he'd be ready to start the job tomorrow if he had to).

and...i got denise to wash dishes at a dinner party.
wait. isn't that (you know, the whole, successfully "training denise to be domestic") reason enough?

so... here i am... quite happy to be spreading the dionista love.

delia greco
ON youth co-chair

The Little Youth Team That Could

Ever get someone telling you that you aren't going to a leadership convention unless you support their candidate... of course you have. That's how my leadership campaign began way back in April as I was trying to decide who I was going to support.

Long story short... I chose who I thought should be leader instead who I was told to support, defied the elite and now I'm here.

Where is here? Well, here is with a strong group of youth (and some "old" youth) trying to push the Stephane Dion message in Nova Scotia. After my decision, it was not hard to find others who were feeling the same reservations about the establishment candidates and a team began to come together.

Of course, how successful this team actually was will be demonstrated on the last weekend of this month, but I just want to take a moment and say that in Nova Scotia (and probably elsewhere, I guess)... youth rock!

How often do the under 25's get a chance to actually be placed in positions where they are making tough campaign decisions and organizing beyond their normal experience. While we have had a few blips, for the most part, youth have risen up and done the job, just as well (if not better in a few cases) than some adult members may have done.

I'm not advocating a youth takeover of the party in any form, but I think that those in certain ridings who strongly believe that youth belong in the grunt section, not the "thinking" team, need to wake up and start paying attention to what is going on.

Youth bring new ideas, new energy and a fresh new perspective. The world is changing and therefore, so must campaigns. There are still ridings out there who believe putting their candidate's information on the internet is a waste of time and money... Ask a youth where the first place they go to get candidate info is..

In Nova Scotia, we are proving that youth can do it too. Let's just hope certain people take notice.

- Colin Hebb

Big Leadership News in the small town of Rosalind, AB

It's no Lethbridge, but Rosalind got some big ups yesterday when LPCA President Adam Campbell endorsed Stéphane Dion for Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, joining Liberal Party of Canada (British Columbia) President Jamie Elmhirst and Saskatchewan Liberal Party Leader David Karwacki, who also both recently endorsed Dion.

Fun factoid about Rosalind: they have bentonite exploration there. As many of you may know, bentonite is the stuff they put in commercial milkshakes to make them thick. If you've ever been curious as to why a McDo' milkshake can be poured onto the pavement in the hot sun for several hours and doesn't quite seem to melt, bentonite is your answer. Mmmmm...chemicals!

Other prominent Alberta Liberals also supporting Stéphane Dion include Calgary Mountain View MLA Dr. David Swann, eight current riding association presidents, me, my mom, and my dad. I can't believe we didn't put my parents on the part of the release listing "prominent" supporters...

- Denise


Équipe Dion- forum d’investiture à Québec


Welcome to the Dion Campaign's Youth blog. We'll be giving you day-by-day play-by-play of the campaign and other rhyming activities. We will also be discussing ideas, policies, our perceptions of the race in general, as well as casually alluding to the occasional inside joke. Unless of course the joke is too embarrassing not to share with the entire blogosphere, in which case we will be carefully explaining what exactly on the campaign was so funny and who it makes look the dumbest...

So here we are. Blogging. Yup. Bloggin' up a storm...

Is it just me or is blogging kind of like going to a museum? It seems like such a neat and useful exercise until you actually start "doing it" and then you're just sort of left silently twiddling your thumbs, attempting to guise the fact you're intellectually intimidated, and with nothing of any substance floating around in your brain.

That's when I like to turn to the person next to me and say, "Hmmmm... you know, this work strikes me as significantly more tortured than his/her other pieces." And then I slowly back away.

And here I am, now, slowly backing away...

- Denise Brunsdon, National Director of the Youth Campaign and Sub-Director of Awesome References to Rick Springfield