Kyoto's Story

It seems like today all politcal blogs are centered around either reguritating empty policy or blasting opposing candidates with senseless negativity. Some blogs, however, defy this norm. Some blogs, like James Bowie's (whose blog originally posted this story) and Echo CanaDION, refuse to turn politics into a game of slander and try to keep a lighthearted attitude. In the spirit of this, we bring you an update from Stéphane Dion himself about his dog Kyoto.

After the electoral defeat, we (my wife, my daughter and I) were extremely disappointed by the loss, and to boost our spirits, decided to make one of our dreams come true: to get a dog.

Concerned about what the new government would do about climate change, we decided to choose a dog from the North, a Siberian Husky, and to call him Kyoto. He was born on January 15th, 2006.

At the time we thought that since I was no longer a minister, I would be spending more time in my home riding and would be able to help take care of the dog. But I have since decided to enter the leadership race and it is now Kyoto who is taking care of me, more than the opposite!

-Stéphane Dion

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