an SD endorsement of sorts -- tales from a former self-confessed leadership shopper

"you'll make up your mind when it is painfully clear to you where you should go. not before. that's just you"

simply stated, it took me one hell of a long time to finally get involved on this campaign. and that comment from a friend of mine pretty much summed it up. i've often been told that i am too idealistic for my own good. and, perhaps in this game, i am. but frankly, i don't really care.

i chose stephane dion because i get excited to hear him speak. i like his policies. i like his unwavering support for what he believes in. i love his commitment, dedication, and service to this country. he's the cutest man in the world, and, he reminds me of my dad... my favorite among many other reasons of course....(not to mention that i believe he'd be ready to start the job tomorrow if he had to).

and...i got denise to wash dishes at a dinner party.
wait. isn't that (you know, the whole, successfully "training denise to be domestic") reason enough?

so... here i am... quite happy to be spreading the dionista love.

delia greco
ON youth co-chair


NappyGuy said...

you got Denise to wash dishes? Denise BRUNSDON?? THE Denise Brunsdon??? Wow! If it were me, I'd never wash those dishes again! Hmm....wait a minute... that sounds a little self-defeating... scratch that. But a couple questions: how many did she break? And did you wait until after she left before you re-washed them so there were actually clean?

Denise B said...

Me? washing dishes? that claim's erroneous, totally erroneous. Find me photos and THEN we'll talk...

Joel Reed and Colin Hebb said...

She washed my dishes too... we already knew her second ballot stratgey.. maybe this is her first ballot plan.. hmmm.


Denise B said...

Here I thought people were supporting SD for his stance on unity or the environment and it turns out that all this time it's all just about seeing me ignore my deep disdain for gender roles...

I no longer heart you colin hebb.