Hey folks, Mark your convention correspondent here. Finally after weeks of months of preparation and planning, running about and doing the most tedious of odd jobs, finally the big event is here!! I’m not as lucky as some who get to live, eat, breathe and sleep (or not) the convention. Nonetheless, there is still some serious and important business that we've got to attend to. Normally, photocopying, formatting, and generally doing whatever you are told to do is not that big a deal. But add that special sense of urgency that has come with this week, and we're making those copies double time.

One of the great perks of this week is that, all of a sudden, Montreal is flooded with people who are active and enthusiastic about politics, Dion, and the other candidates. Of course we welcome all of these people to Montreal, however, we naturally reserve an especially hearty bonjour for all our fellow Dion supporters. Si vous êtes avec nous, les Dionistas, et vous n`êtes pas montréalais, bienvenue!!!

It's very interesting to talk convention and hear the view from BC, the Maritimes, and Ontario. I would really like to meet someone from the North this week though!!! In my opinion, this is where we find the real value of having a convention.

Plus the convention means a good chance to practice our realpolitik. Stuffing envelopes for delegates, for instance, is particularly enriching. One sheet, two sheets, three sheets, four; button stickers, let's do some more! So it's not quite 99 bottles of beer, but it gets us through the day. But we do get the satisfaction of knowing that delegates, in particular the Dion youth, are going to have a great time in Montreal. And maybe we'll tag along... because all work and no play makes politics a dull game, doesn't it?

So...HAPPY CONVENTION...and if you see someone running to a photocopier, you'll know who it is. And stay tuned for more updates to come.

- Mark

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