Part II of our series: Behind the Lenses


And of course there is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who overcame mediocre eyesight and paralysis to become one of the most well regarded American presidents of all time. Very much a liberal president, his New Deal attempted to create equality for minorities, subsidies for farmers, and social assistance for the poor. He is commonly known as FDR, which really means For the Dion Revolution ;-)

John Lennon

And how about the admired musician, John Lennon? He was the founder and leader of the biggest band in history, (The Beatles of course) and his political activism and philosophical outlook will never be forgotten. While Lennon could never expect Dion to sport the granny glasses, he did once sing that “if you want to start a revolution.... you’d best listen to Stephane....allllright,” and also, “it's been a hard day's night, of climate change negotiation, but now we're feelin' alright, let Dion lead the nation...yeah.” At this point, a mad blogger shout-outs to Beatles Blog for Dion, who rocked the blog community earlier this campaign with much groundbreaking work forming links between awesome bands and awesome leadership candidates.

Louise Arbour

Another glasses-donner that rocks our socks is Chief Justice Arbour. Internationally reknown for her work as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour has had and continues to have an amazing impact on Canadian society. These glasses have spent many an hour review important cases the world over.

Clark Kent

Clark Kent, played by Christopher Reeves- who was an incredible man in his own right- is often credited as being nothing more than the alter-ego for Superman. We here at EchoDion, however, feel that Kent was a hero in his own right. Journalism is the pursuit of perfect information and transparency in a community. It is the backbone of democracy. Kent worked hard whatever the hell that newspaper was called, and for what he lacked in predictability as the result of his whole bird/plane sidejob he more than made up for in passion and eyewear.

While we won't see Stephane being confused with either Kent or Superman, he's already overcome political kryptonite more than once. And he he's got X-Ray vision. Muah muah muah...

Getting bored of this series yet? We aren't! More to come tomorrow =)
- Denise and Mark


EX-NDIP said...

FDR . . . he is also known for his part in the enslavement of 100's of millions of eastern Europeans . . . he turned over to Uncle Joe Stalin after WWII. Real economists figure his "New Deal" postponed recovery from the depression from 3 to 5 years. His social security program is a ticking fiscal time bomb. I believe he was also involved in turning the Federal reserve over to private bankers.

John Lennon . . . imagine John's world . . . . he wasn't turning in his wealth, just wanted yours. He was hooked on some wacky Guru from India. Strange dude.

Funny how we just remember the warm fuzzy stuff when thinking of the dearly departed, isn't it!!!

Denise B said...

I'll take the criticism that he could have done more for Europe- if you're a believer that the US has an obligation to international paternalism while its own people suffer.

But dissing the "New Deal"? Much hindered the economic recovery, and I'd engage in smear campaigns about international monetary regimes, domestic reserve policy, and the Hoover administration, but not the New Deal. Considering such Keynesian methods were relatively new I think they did a good job of implementing them. And saving lives because of it.