Great Leaders with Glasses

Today we start a special series here at Dionlineyouth.blogspot chronicling the amazing leadership that occurs when you combine integrity, courage, brilliance and glasses. Today's installment:


The most influential of the lot is Mahatma. Gandhi mobilized huge numbers of people(millions and millions) and lead them forward through a period of great uncertainty. Not only that, he did it with principle and dignity. If Gandhi was around today, we believe he would be down with the Three Pillars approach. Interestingly, both have been dominatant figures in debates on national unity.

Nellie McClung

And who is this stately lady? None other than Nellie McClung. She played a pivotal role in the battle for women’s suffrage in Canada. She saw straight through the rhetoric of the day and with a group of fellow strong women, fought the system and won their right to participate in the democratic process as equals. We're sure Dion’s plan to achieve gender parity in the party and parliament would be easy on these eyes.

Vince Vaughn

Swingers. Old School. Wedding Crashers. Dodgeball. Anchor Man. Starsky and Hutch. That movie with the Rock where he pretended to be a gangsta. Amazing. Just like Dion, he has an absolutely un-toppable resume. The comparison stops there, though. Which is probably for the best.

Our series on awesome-people-who-wear-glasses continues tomorrow with an influential musician, world leader, and superhero. Suggestions always welcome. Especially for the next series we're trying to put together tentatively titled, "Great Leaders who name their pets after United Nations Accords."

- Mark and Denise

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