The Finale of "Four-eyed and Fantastic"

And here we are at the last part of our series. We feel like we've learned a lot in this exercise. We learned that Roberta Bondar must have perfect eye-sight. Damn did we want to be able to profile her. Amazing! So yes, we must thus admit that some great leaders don't wear glasses. But let's ignore that and move on to those that do...

Dr. Seuss

Every child's favorite author, Dr. Seuss- "who thought politics were only a bother, and now I can't go any farther..."

You get the picture – he is of course known for his children's stories with surprising depth. Although unknown to many at the time of its publication, "If I ran the Circus", a story where young McGurkus cleans out an empty lot and runs a magnificent circus that everyone enjoys, is in fact a grade 3 interpretation of how successful Dion is going to be. Except there are elephants. We still can't believe the campaign vetoed elephants.

Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin, also known as "Silence Dogood" to those history buffs amongsts us (or anyone who watched the EPIC film "National Treasure" starring the one and only Nicholas Cage! Holy crap, does Nicholas Cage wear glasses...) was a fairly stellar guy. Pro-democracy, pro-feminism, anti-slavery, he is best known for his work to harness the power of electricity. Oh yeah, and he was also President of the United States for a while. Oh yeah, and he also created bifocals! Booyakasha! So considering this accomplished man wore glasses which he created himself, we feel more than justified putting him on the list.

And finally, we move onto the last person in our series, and the man of the hour:


Where to start, where to start... um, national unity? Environmental sustainability? Ethics and accountability? Experience? Respect on the international stage? Gender parity in politics? Youth engagement in politics? Knocking doors with us Liberals during the last three elections? There's too many reasons, so we'll let you decide which is the best.

- Denise and Mark

ps- we're sorry to report that Nicholas Cage, while wearing a lot of sunglasses doesn't seem to sport them of any other type. Damn. We're still including some AMAZING quotes from some AMAZING movies, though.

Nicholas Cage as Cyrus Grissom: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. I have the only gun on board. Welcome to Con Air.
Nicholas Cage as Dr. Goodspeed: I'm a chemical SUPERfreak actually, but, I still need a gun.

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