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Being a Dion Intern

My name is Mark and I'm a Dionista and a youth campaign intern. I’m a second year student at McGill University and a long time Liberal. Despite being interested in politics for a long time, getting into Dion’s corner has been my first real experience in the political ring. And I think our man Stephane is going to walk away with the belt.

When I signed up, I was pretty ignorant to the amount of work that goes into a campaign. But then my second weekend with the team was Super Weekend. Some practically lived at the Dion office before and over the weekend. There was pizza, and it rocked. Since then, its become really clear that the Dion team is quite remarkable. From my perspective, they, rather, we, are one good reason why Dion is going to win this weekend. We rock.

Anyways, its been a good experience being an intern. I've been asked to get groceries, write up random text for this and that, put man on the moon, all the glamorous stuff you see in movies, yeah, we do all that. In between making phone calls and pulling things together for convention, we get to hypothesize the outcome of all our hard work and limitless benevolence and devotion for the Dion cause. There seems to be a general consensus that he is going to win. Go figure!

Working for Dion gives you some serious celebrity status around these parts. I’d say its implied in being an intern for a candidate that you have got to spread the good word, and I’m finding that lots of people know what the scoop with Dion is already. Every now and again you get someone who says, “Who? Celine?” but they are really easy to straighten out. Most of the time, its more like, “That’s cool, he rocks.” So naturally I tell them that, no Dion doesn’t rock. He rocks hard. Then I make sure that they are thoroughly convinced, and tell them to spread the word. If you're one of those who I haven't reached yet, then do some digging: read a paper, listen to the radio or watch the news. Chances are that we've passed on the Dion bug and it is working its way towards you. Don't run, don't hide, we're everywhere.

- Mark

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