Everybody Loves Dion

Hey Everyone,

Colin Hebb here...

One week ago today, Stephane Dion arrived in Nova Scotia for a three day tour of our great little province. We were very excited for his arrival and he certainly did not disappoint.

From a great morning with Liberals in Scott Brison's riding on Saturday through to an eventful half day with Sydney-Victoria MP, Mark Eyking, the NS Dion tour was a BIG success from beginning to end.

I was lucky enough to have accompanied Stephane on his tour and was amazed by the positive response from every part of the province. I was also very impressed by the overwhelming number of people that walked up to Stephane in the street and told him they would certainly vote Liberal if he were the leader. I felt like I was walking with a celebrity who had just scored the biggest blockbuster of his career. As we went along, one thing became very clear to me... "Everybody Loves Dion".

I had the opportunity to speak with many delegates here in NS who would likely need a second choice after the first ballot. Each and every person I spoke with indicated that Stephane was certainly a major part of their consideration and in many, many cases... the one.

I am so proud that I will mark my ballot "Stephane Dion" for the leader of this party next weekend. I can honestly say that at no point during this long, long race have I regretted the decision I made back in April. In fact, everytime I hear Stephane speak or read his detailed vision of the future, I become even more convinced that no one deserves to win this more than Stephane Dion. He is the quintessential Liberal and we need him to take back the reigns of power.

He's the one.

That's all from Halifax.. see you in Montreal,

Colin Hebb

PS: Below are some comments that were made by non-members that stopped by to hear Stephane speak... very inspiring:

"Though I have always been a conscientious voter, I have never been inspired enough by anyone to work for their election, but I feel all fired up by Stephane and so much want him to win the nomination and be Canada's P.M. We desperately need someone with his vision and integrity."

"We were both really impressed by Stephane. He seems bright, thoughtful, a good listener, has both vision and a sense of how to achieve it... I hope that he can win the leadership race and then that the Liberals can defeat Harper."


P. North said...

"Everybody Loves Dion"... but not nearly as much as Dion loves himself.

Denise B said...

Maybe it's just me, but i feel like one kind of has to have healthy self-esteem to do what he's doing. I for one prefer my leaders and Prime Ministers to be confident and self-assured rather than the opposite. I like the way he phrased it on cbc with evan soloman which was something like, "I have a big enough ego to think i would be the best, but am modest enough to know i can't do this alone."