Liberals are Well Served

For some reason or another, legions seem to be perennial places for political events of all types and stripes. About a month ago, I wound my way through a maze of pool tables and war memorabilia to a large hall at the Dundas Legion near McMaster, anticipating to hear from our new leader.

For me it would be my first encounter with him since the dazzling convention in late 2006. Waiting to cast my decisive vote on the third ballot, I saw the figures of Dion and Kennedy cut to the left of me. My eyes met with Kennedy and he mouthed thank you. The moment was a difficult, but what to do next was clear. My move to Dion never needed a second thought; his genuine nature and witty performance at the Toronto leadership debate had automatically made him the only option in a “what if” situation.

Back at the legion, he had arrived and simply watching him interacting with the crowd and talking to many he came across has humble, optimistic and sincere. Once he made it to the stage, he spoke passionately about the environment and how it is becoming more and more intertwined with our economic future. For someone with intellectual might, he wasn’t abstract or impersonal; it didn’t feel like he was preaching to us, but engaging in conversation with each one of us. I feel confident about the future and emboldened by our leader. Liberals are well served.
Mark Ungar
McMaster University

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Anonymous said...

Witty performance? I wouldn't know. I need a translator just to understand the guy's English. I guess it all depends on what you count as witty. There's a fine line between boring and witty, and Mr. Dion crossed it. Unfortunately, he didn't cross into the witty side.