Liberals United!!!

Attending the 2006 Liberal Leadership Convention was the experience of a lifetime, especially for a Liberal rookie like me. Not even had I stepped foot on the convention floor when I already got sucked into the whirlwind of welcome rallies, photo opps and strategy sessions that came to comprise my life for the next few days. Sporting RAEvolution t-shirts and chanting at the top of our lungs, we escorted Bob into Le Palais de Congres, anxious at what awaited during the course of the weekend. It was then that I realized how fortunate I was to be a part of something so grand and important for the future of our Nation.

As a Bevilacqua-turned-Rae delegate and youth team captain I took on a liaison role both within my camp and externally with other teams. When I wasn’t chasing my team around the convention floor I was chatting up other youth delegates in order to gage the direction they would take if their candidate dropped out. Surely enough after the third ballot I found myself in this position. As emotions flared and everyone pondered what to do next, I tried to keep in mind what Bob had reminded us of repeatedly through out the campaign – that no matter what the convention outcome we will leave Montreal united as a party under great leadership, ready to topple down Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. As such, after some consideration I knew Stephane Dion was the best candidate and deserved my vote going into the final ballot.

As tiresome and chaotic as the convention was, it was only half the job we originally set out to achieve. I am incredibly excited to be part of the BC campaign team once again, helping to gear up and prepare for our federal election. An election that could be upon us in a matter of only a few weeks! We have enormous momentum right now and are united under a great leader who is sure to take us to victory in the next election!

- Hila Wesa

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