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During the leadership race I’d occasionally return to my hometown in rural Ontario and escape the drama of the race at the farm that I grew up on. While there I’d drop by my grandmother’s house and fill her in on the latest events. It was nice to have someone to listen to me as I vented my frustrations about being sleep deprived or my lack of dietary prudence. She didn’t really follow the race too closely and relied largely on my super biased assessment of the whole thing.

One visit she told me that she was happy that Dion was making the environment such a priority. She remembers the last time the environment received such attention was in the United States back in the 80’s or something concerning acid rain, and she’s happy the focus was back on it. So this meant something to me, if my 91 year old, card carrying Republican, American grandmother was hearing the message about the need for environmental sustainability then we must be doing something right.

As Liberals we should be proud that we have made such a concerted effort to bring the environment to the forefront of public opinion, and we’re fortunate to have a leader with such a credible record on the environment. So I’m looking forward to an election and to spreading the word that it is the Liberals who have a serious commitment to the environment, and win the next election one grandmother at a time!

Jay- Ontario

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Miss P said...

When Dion was the minister of the environment, he failed to make a difference in emissions. What makes you so sure he isn't using the environment as a tool to get voted in as PM?