we are ready.

“Delia, why do you like Stephane Dion?” Oh boy I thought; leadership was over a month ago, why is he asking me this question?

“Well, I like him because…,” and I continue on with my speech, something I had perfected since joining the Dion campaign last summer. I decided to stop mid-sentence and ask the former Rae supporter why he wanted to know? I mean really, we don't need to try to recruit each other anymore....we're working together!

“I saw him the other day and spent some time with him, and well, I understand what it was you saw in him. I see it too,” he said.

Big sigh of relief. Hearing that really meant a lot to me. My friends from the other campaigns are genuinely supporting our new leader, something more people (Liberals and non-Liberals alike) are doing every day. After the end of Leadership in December, I was unsure how Dion would be embraced amongst the Liberal youth on a national scale. I am very happy with the way everyone has rallied behind Dion with the same goal in mind. I am proud to say that the party is uniting and that we are preparing to win the next election.

The National Youth Campaign is an example for the rest of the party to follow. We are working together, mobilized, and ready to kick some major butt. The Liberal party is ready to once again be at the helm. Bring it on.

Delia Greco


CH2 said...

Great post Delia - the youth are setting a great example for everyone.

s.b. said...

Unfortunately your friend misses the point. It doesn't matter if he sees anything in Dion. It doesn't matter if anyone from any other leadership camp does or does not approve of Dion. He is the leader. Liberals need to support him as the leader or stop being Liberals really. It's called Party discipline, something the Liberal PArty has been lacking for quite some time. Without it, we will not win.

Criticism of the Leader is still far too vocal by people who can't get over the aspirations of the candidates they supported. We aren't in a leadership race. We won't be in a leadership race anytime soon.

When you compare blog spin for especially one candidate, no matter what mistakes he made and he made many, he could do no wrong. His blog friends current criticism of the leader and general lack of support really is inexcusable.

Interestingly, Rae has laid low since the leadership convention ended. I think it would have been better for the Party if the others had as well.

Concerned YL said...

Love the website but have a few tips:

a) I am a huge fan of Dion, but I'd rather be called a Canadian than a CanaDion.

b) Why not promote the Liberal party as opposed its leader? The leader is just one person and he cannot win anything on his own. He says we have a dream team. I agree. It's called the Liberal party. Let's focus on rebranding the Liberal party. After all, it will always be around but leaders come and go.

3) Regardless, keep up the good work and keep the excitement going.