great dion event!

So dion is making his way around the country and it is beyond awesome!

Dion came to McMaster University in Hamilton today (March 14th) to speak to the local construction workers who have been working tirelessly for years to get new buildings put up on campus. McMaster is rapidly expanding and Mr. Dion wanted to speak with these workers to hear about their progress.

Students from McMaster were given the opportunity to meet with Dion and share a few words. Judging by their reaction he is really making an impact on youth around the country. Stephane met with the incoming McMaster Students Union president, Ryan Moran, who seemed very impressed with Mr. Dion. The youth were also given a chance to rub shoulders with the President of Mcmaster, Peter George. Stephane Dion is really showing that he is accessible to all Canadians and giving students opportunities to connect with senior figures such as Peter George.

The youth were also given the opportunity to sport some sexy hard hats for the event. Who doesn't love hard hat hair?

elyse banham

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