Why I'm thankful for being a Dionista

Richard from Manitoba here.

On this thanksgiving weekend (shout out to the Aboriginal people that "gave" [read had stolen] all this land we live on) I'd like to tell everyone why I'm thankful for being a Dionista:

10. The relief of enviro-guilt (you know, the kind that you get every time you see a smoke stack, or when the tumbleweeds of McDonalds wrappers go rolling by)

9. Knowing that Trudeau federalism is still alive in someone.

8. A charming accent (!) that everyone should adore.

7. Bountiful dog food for Kyoto.

6. Kyoto. (Ya, ya, the vote. We all know that you don't send your campaign manager going door to door during an election. The best thing Stephane could do for Kyoto is to keep on campaigning so he can finish what he could only start with the late (too late), great Project Green.)

5. The elderly lady I drove an hour to pick up to vote for Dion on Super Weekend. I hope I'm graceful and intelligent when I'm old (kind of hard, seeing as I'm neither as of now)

4. The "Liberal on Board" window sticker in the back of my Civic hatchback (keep it small, SUV haters)

3. The fact that the two-year countdown to Bush-free day is going to start soon!

2. Being able to get along with anyone else's leadership camps (I haven't seen a Stop Dion website thus far)

and finally, the #1 reason being a Dionista is so gangsta....

Going to the FRENCH pubs in Montreal with our man!


SteelCityGrit said...

If Trudeau's vision is alive in one of Canada's most accomplished and unapologetic decentralists, a vocal supporter of Meech, Charlottetown, Bill 101, etc then we are in big trouble.

Les Dionistas said...

The insistance of Mr. Dion on building Canada through the concept of national projects is what I spoke of. This is the guy who wrote the clarity act. This is the guy who refuses to flaunt talk of constitutional reform.

Stephane was recruited in 1996 specifically to battle separatists, and was roundly hated by quebec nationalists for his stances in refusal of special political status. Go back to the drawing board, Steel