Leadership Convention vs. Leadership Danceoff: You Be the Judge

As everyone knows, the greatest thing about finally moving out from home and being a first year university student is the tendency of your parents to call you almost constantly. In fact, I was confronted by such a phone call the other day and coerced into explaining to my parents the process by which the Liberal Party elects its leader.

Needless to say, explaining Form 6’s, DSM’s and convention was exhilarating. Those 17 hours of my life did, however, make me realize how much simpler the whole process would be if instead of all this bureaucracy, everything was decided via dance-off.

Do you remember the TV show “Dance 360?” I’ll summarize: one person throws down their best moves in the center of a large crowd (can you say delegates?). Then, another person jumps in. The climax is certainly the head-to-head round, where the two people “dance battle.” The winner is decided by applause.

Picture this and try to tell me with a straight face it’s not the most brilliant idea you’ve ever read: Ignatieff sporting the shopping cart (a personal fave) and Dion laying down the always popular cowboy. Or Kennedy rocking the fisherman and Rae keeping it classy with the chicken dance. If not efficient, it would at least be funny.

- Trevor

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