SuperWeekend Diary: Day 3

Denise's Day 2 Stats recap (ticker soon to be available):

Hours awake so far: 17
Emails received: 252
Times I was so happy I almost cried: 2
Times I was so stressed I almost threw up: 0
Number of pizza slices I ate: 1
Number of people in campaign office who dissed my music selection: 0
Number of drinks I've had since polls closed (a new ticker feature): 9

So here we are on Sunday night. Hooray, we made it! Not to get too sappy, since politics is "rough-and-tumble," but let me say that I had a lot of good experiences this weekend with a lot of wonderful and respectful people from all camps.

Have a good sleep everyone. We deserve it :-)


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cat mutant said...

I was raised to have high regard for the environment. To this day, I consider myself an environmentalist. It is for this reason, that I have to say the Conservative's environmental plan has some merits and should not be shot down right away.

Although I am displeased by how long its taking, the idea of implementing California-type laws is a GREAT idea. It's great because the car manufacturer industry will be forced to use the better technology that they have, rather than use 1950's technology. It's sure better than the voluntary initiate undertaken by the Chretien-Martin Liberals, which in the end is useless.

Talking about environment, I have to say this about Dion. He was in the righ place at the right time (when he was enviro minister and there was that enviro conference in Montreal).

He is not the champion of the environment that he try to make himself appear.

Otherwise, Canada's pollution under the Chretien-Martin Liberals wouldn't have increased and become worst than the US pollution rates... check out


It's pathetic.

So in then end, big deal that Kyoto was signed... NOTHING substantial was done by the previous liberals to actually achieve Kyoto goals. Hence, Dion and the previous liberal regime can claim environmental superiorty all they want because the signed Kyoto, but the facts on the ground paint a different story... one that they didn't really have the balls to implement what they said they would implement.

There's a word for them... hypocrites.