Campaign Dress Code

People often think that if you work in politics you must dress really nicely all the time. I am pleased to report this is not the case. I've managed to spend almost this entire leadership campaign wearing sweatpants/pajama pants/pajama shorts/or some variation of what can only be described as "inactive wear." Many people might think this was made easier by the fact that our campaign rented a house in Ottawa instead of an office, and so I spent a good amount of time sleeping in the campaign office; however, I've managed to sport inactive wear in great cities across this country. Members of the youth team in Victoria, Toronto, Halifax...they've all seen me in inaction. Even SD, who got to see me in my Sunday best for a round of blog interviews yesterday, is cool that I work in sweatpants with stains on them (not shown in picture, but they're there) and an old rugby shirt that my dad gave me after he would no longer wear it in public. It's highly possibly he gave it to me so I stop wearing my "Vancouver Triathlon 1989" t-shirt.

And I just want to say that I'm proud to be on a campaign where I'm judged by my opinions and the content of my character rather than my appearance.

Also, I also took a few minutes to do a hard-hitting blog interview with Stephane which I will be posting shortly, so stay tuned :-)



petroom said...

There's nothing better than realizing you've been in your track pants sitting at a desk so long than when you stand up and realize they are totally stretched out at the knees.

ted said...

I _did_ wonder whether anyone was living in that house.