so i'm getting writer's block thinking of a title!

i'm in a meeting this afternoon with one of my professors, trying somehow to get advice and direction for my future -- you know, one of those meetings... and the question of the day comes up -- do i take my LSATs at mcgill in december (at convention) or do i wait until february and get denied entrance to law school because my application won't be completed until too late? ahh.. ... sometimes i wonder about the liberal party! super weekend AND convention on lsat days!

anyways... so this naturally leads to the topic of leadership and i tell her i'm supporting stephane dion. she puts her hands to her face, shakes her head and says... oh, i'm so happy -- in her cute polish accent. he's the only logical choice for the party, she says. i was watching super weekend results very closely, she says.... oh boy, i say, relieved as i hand her my law school referee forms (in a pre-addressed fed-ex envelope) and walk out the door... i thought she was conservative?

debate sunday in TO anyone?

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Alter Boys said...

Hello youg Dionistas,

Don't forget that October 12 and 13 are Dog Lovers for Dion Days.

Get involved!

Check out Jason and the Alter Boys for details!

As for the writer's block syndrome, We pups have it 23/24! So don't worry!