the beautiful appeal of stephane dion

i am so happy that my undying support is directed at stephane dion. i have received so much praise from friends in other camps for backing such a strong, experienced, and inspiring candidate. i love how everyone can concede that stephane is really the most qualified and suiting candidate to fill the position of leader. driving back from home at the end of this thanksgiving weekend, two friends and i argued over the candidates in the leadership race. each one admitted that dion is the only top-four candidtae without baggage that would prove to be divisive to the liberal party. i guess people really do believe in a united party, a united canada. J'ADORE DION!


The New Liberal Movement said...
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Les Dionistas said...

just to clarify, it was megan lee from ontario who posted (me)
and kennedy does not necessarily come with significant old baggage, but he does have to deal with his inability to garner enough support in quebec as well as the criticisms he has received for his involvement with education in ontario.