Boy Van Vs. Girl Van

Day two of the Atlantic caucus roadtrip palooza is off to a roaring start.

The boys' van is on a mission: get to Halifax, and the beach. We're having a great time in the process, though our trip seems to be much akin to the Tim Horton's commercial, where the characters stop no where but Timmy's.

Our dedication to the mission at hand is hampered by our slow cousin - a second van carrying the amazonian delegation to Atlantic Caucus. Taking a break from their tireless blog post write-a-thon in order to locate a desparately needed ATM machine and practice their "suck it" motioning and stomach punching, the occupants of the Van of the Valkeries, and their hapless vict...err... driver Jay "no water before bedtime" Telegdi have taken to unleashing their karate-riffic fists of fury - lethal weapons actually - on the unsuspecting New Brunswickers on the Transcanada east... One only hopes they gave warning first.

More on this timeless "odd couple" struggle between male vigilance, and female scattered disorganization once we get to Halifax.

All that we can say so far is this: the double XX chromosome contingent of our caravan simply didn't get it done.

Dylan Stogran- Ottawa Orleans

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