Atlantic Caucus: More than meets the eye

We've arrived in the fantastic city that is Moncton in search of Magnetic Hill. A phenomenon we were later told by a disgruntled Moncton Tourism employee (before attempting the hill itself) that is just an optical illusion. Talk about ruining the awe factor. Despite the authority that is the disgruntled employee, we plan to wikipedia this immediately upon arrival to Halifax for details, as we are sure that wiki is in fact the repository of all human knowledge.

There's a killer boardwalk at Magnetic Hill, on what looks like a large muddy puddle with beavertails and everything.... We might actually get a chance to eat something other than tim hortons which seems to be the roadtrip staple this week

The whole magnetic hill theme park thing is pretty cool...we just finished that and now we're driving across a covered bridge. We're buying into every touristy thing we can find here, I mean 5 bucks to stick a car in neutral and roll up/down a hill? Elyse just attempted her moose call in the magnetic hill zoo so I'm slightly worried about some sort of animal rampage so I'd better go...

Here's to hoping we don't get mauled by some rogue wildlife...


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