Guess who's coming to breakfast?

This week Liberal Leader Stephane Dion sat down with the Young Liberal Summer Students in the Office of the Leader of the Official Opposition. Over breakfast he thanked us for our months of service to the Liberal Party around Ottawa and discussed matters of importance such as the ageing population and post secondary education.

“He welcomed us and our ideas, and spent a great deal of time just listening” said Ozren Jungic from Vancouver B.C. “Dion recognizes youths’ ability to tell it like it is; and he was very accepting of that.”

Stephane took the time to lay out some of his thoughts on different ways of addressing post secondary education tuition. “He has put a lot of thought into the various combinations of possible actions” Said Meghan Pritchard who is studying abroad in Geneva at the Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales, “together we went over all the options and offered our input and tried to flesh out the best solution.”

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