Cano-lotta Fun

Never having been to the prairies I didn’t quite know what to expect, I’ve seen “Corner Gas” and “Little mosque on the prairies” but I still didn’t know what I was getting into. So when I travelled to Lake Diefenbaker Saskatchewan I was amazed by everything from the long and hazy highways to the neon yellow canola fields.

I learned a lot about prairie life and what it was like. As I sat on the porch overlooking Waka lake, watching the sky that CBC has been hailing, I listened to a man speak about his distrust for the government and that he would never vote Conservative again because of their handling of the Afghanistan issue. He said “that’s a deal breaker.” He asked how we Liberals were faring and if we were going to fix the mess that’s been happening of late. I offered my best and said that it was largely up to him and people like him to make that change on Election Day. So I think that I won over at least one person over the weekend.

Jay Telegdi- Bradford-West Gwilimbury, Ont.

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