I was recently out in Saskatoon, taking a French immersion course at the University of Saskatchewan. It was very interesting to see how there is a good Francophone community in Saskatoon and in Saskatchewan in general. It was great to see that most were fellow Liberals who were quite pleased with previous' Liberal governments' decisions to support Francophone communities outside of Quebec, and this support from Liberal governments has made it easier to keep their language and culture.

What was also interesting was to meet the general public in Saskatchewan who were extremely upset at PM Harper breaking his election promises on the Federal equalization payments towards the province. It was very evident in our talks with everyone that many will aggressively campaign against Mr. Harper in the upcoming election. Another issue that agitated many in the province was the income trust promise. Now most of us don't think of income trusts and investments when it comes to Saskatchewan, but because of former Finance Minister Ralph Goodale, haling from Regina, the issue is close to home. Many seeing how Mr. Goodale's integrity was viciously attacked by Mr. Harper and others, and then Mr. Harper himself breaking his promise, they saw that as something too big to allow to just pass by. Mr Goodale is a legend in Saskatchewan and is well known for his integrity and ethics throughout the province and of course throughout the country.

Overall, it was great to see fellow Liberals in Saskatoon and have many different discussions with them on multiple issues that affected Saskatchewan and the Country as a whole.

Husain- Mississauga

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