Accord, No Less

Keddy and Mackay sold out Nova Scotia, Young Liberals charge

For Immediate Release
June 11, 2007

HALIFAX, NS - The Young Liberals are targeting Gerald “Unsteady” Keddy and Peter “Disarray” Mackay for their betrayal of the Atlantic Accord, following their anti-Nova Scotia budget vote.

The youth's aggressive public awareness campaign, titled "accord, no less," includes a facebook campaign, buttons, an online petition (http://www.petitiononline.com/nsaccord/petition.html) and a website in development.

“We have eleven MPs in Ottawa and yet only nine of them stood up for this province," said Nova Scotia Young Liberal President and Bridgewater native Colin Hebb. "Keddy and Mackay have a lot of explaining to do."

It has been estimated that the loss of the Accord could mean up to a billion dollars less for the province, leaving many Nova Scotians to question the allegiances of Keddy and Mackay.

“Our province is not rich and the loss of a billion dollars in potential revenue means less money to improve access for all to post-secondary education, less money to help make Nova Scotia a more attractive place to live and work, less money for our future,” said NSYL VP Federal and Sydney native Jenna McGrath.

The “accord, no less” campaign will roll-out over the next week and will provide opportunity for Nova Scotians to rally and put pressure on the two Conservative MPs that continue to support the government’s betrayal.

“It’s about accountability,” says Hebb, “if they want to choose their party membership over their constituents, then they will have to answer for that. We refuse to stand idly by and see our province treated with such disrespect.”


For more information contact:
Colin Hebb
(902) 476 1307

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