Chronicles of a Summer Student

My summer has been unbelievable so far. I’ve learned all kinds of skills by working with (I may be bias) the best boss ever, Hon. Dominic Leblanc. However, it’s not just the skills that I’m learning that has made this summer awesome, it’s the great experiences I have been having with the other summer students that have made this an awesome summer. The summer students have been having a great time working hard and learning tons. It’s not all work and no play though. After work we often get the opportunity to go to awesome events.
On Wednesday, All of the summer students attended a rally at Foundation with special guest, our leader, Stephane Dion. His speech was inspirational and really got us all pumped for the rest of the summer. Behind him was a team of almost 40 Members of Parliament who also seemed inspired by what our leader had to say. Mr. Dion joked that the conservatives don’t really want to be in power and that we must do them a favour by voting them out in the next election. The crowd seemed to agree as his joke received a thunderous applause.


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