It's now been one week of working on the Hill, and it's been a good one.

But life in Ottawa actually got started the week before when I arrived
in town to settle in. Whether it was a garden party at Stornaway or a
going-away party for MPs Gerald Keddy and Peter Mackay (with lobster
hats for all), I could already detect an auspicious air of festivity
and productivity. I've got a good feeling about our Liberal Party...

The work week began with my introduction to the team at Senator
Hervieux-Payette's office (for whom I am so fortunate to work). It's a
dynamic and inspired team (but maybe everyone was just excited that
we'd reached the end of the Senate's session :) . I have several
projects that I've already begun with more to come. It's a great
feeling to know that you: 1) love the work you do; and 2) know that
it's making a difference for many people. I'm one lucky duck.

The highlight of the week would have to be playing baseball with Ken
Dryden and friends. Yes, you read correctly, baseball not hockey.
After the House's final sitting, a couple staffer friends (the always
sporting Richard Zussman and Mary-Rose Brown) and I were playing whiffle ball on the lawn of the Hill when House of Commons/hockey legend Ken Dryden
showed up to hit a few balls. Maybe it was the accumulated tension from a tumultuous Conservative-led 39th session that accounted for Mr.Dryden's need to vent because he put some serious mustard into those swings. Those whiffle balls never saw it coming...

Ian Anderson
Ottawa via Montreal

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