Young Liberals in Thunder Bay Welcome Dion

What a great sign of support for the ridings of Thunder Bay-Rainy River and Thunder Bay- Superior North when Liberal Leader Dion came to grace us with Liberal vision at Fort William Historical Park to a crowd of 140 over the lunch hour.

Dion spoke of the transition that Thunder Bay and region will be experiencing over the next many years as we move from a resource based economy to a knowledge based economy that must be supported federally. He also spoke of how Prime Minister Harper has been neglecting FedNor because regional strength is not apart of the conservative vision.

What is also important to note is that Dion made sure to take his message out to the outlying region by going out to Dryden. Many leaders tend to forget that there are Canadians out in the region, yet, Dion headed straight into the west of the region. Sign, of course, of a true 308 riding strategy and not resting on the laurels of traditional support.

Vince Riccio


Miss P said...
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Miss P said...
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Miss P said...

How can anyone support such a terrible leader? Do you know why I say this? It is because he is UNPATRIOTIC. He does not support our veterans.
Mr. Dion is not going to attend ceremonies at Vimy Ridge's 90th anniversary. How can you even think of running for politics if you don't have the utmost respect for veterans? There is no excuse. This is definitely more important than any of his other engagements and he should have planned this beforehand. If I could, I would have definitely gone, even if I did have to pay.
Most of all, how can you support someone so unpatriotic, so unappreciative? These soldiers died for us. Is this how you are thanking them?

Dionaise said...

Patriotism is a Bush card that is played to drum up support for wars. Harper plays this all the time and the new SES survey says it will backfire on him at the election